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*NEW - see link below*  Welcome to the Auxiliary Communities of Interest (AuxCOI) site. AuxCOI is for Auxiliary members only; it is not a public forum. It offers members an opportunity to share ideas, questions, and best practices in an open, collaborative forum, with both other members and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who manage their respective COI. AuxCOI is not intended as a replacement for the National Help Desk or Knowledgebase; rather it is complementary. The six pilot communities are the initial COIs. Based on what we learn over the next few months we expect to better define, organize, and extend our communities by the end of the year.

The links below offer useful information to active members of the USCG Aux. 


  • District 1SR Web Site
  • District Qualification Guide - Download Below
  • District Operational Plan (2015) - Download Below
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